Accidents Happen: Oatmeal and Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal and Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies From the Family With Love Friday late afternoon. You know, end of a week, kids and mommy so ready for daddy to be home for the weekend.  Nana pops over…takes oldest. Yay! Baby happy in his walker.  Hmm, I think I’ll make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my husband (ha! who am I kidding, I’m going to eat most of them!)  Soften some butter in the microwave, open a fresh package of dark brown sugar. Turn on mixer to start creaming butter and sugar. Ding Dong. Brother’s at the door. Get to talking to brother. 10 minutes later and I realize butter and sugar are still creaming in the mixer! 


With Love, Jennifer: Why I love Whole Foods

I thought I’d take a little bit of time and share with you something I’m loving right now…and that’s our new Whole Foods that is opening the end of this week in Bedford, NH. I first went to my first Whole Foods while visiting family in Seattle, and have often shopped at Whole Foods in the surrounding area.  There are so many reasons why I love Whole Foods and to have one opening where I frequently shop…eek!


From the Closet: Favorite Outfit of the Week – Week #2

From the Closet Outfit of the Week 2 From the Family with LoveI’m a major ocean girl.  Doesn’t matter the time of year either…Winter, Summer and anytime in between.  I’ve been known to drag my husband to the beach on the coldest, windiest days…and oh ya, we aren’t talking Florida beaches! 


New Breakfast Favorite: Extra Streusel Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Buttermilk Coffee Cake with Extra Streusel Recipe From the Family With Love Pinterest

I’m not a big breakfast person (I know I know, most important meal of the day).  However, if you put a muffin, croissant, scone, bagel or piece of coffee cake in front of me then suddenly I’m in the mood for breakfast! Add some extra streusel like in my Streusel Buttermilk Coffee Cake recipe and I’m all in!


Pinterest Project! Burlap Valentine’s Wreath DIY

Valentines Day Heart Wreath Burlap tutorial From the Family With Love Pinterest 2

 I love decorating for Christmas, and again come Spring.  But there is always those months in between that I’m just not as excited for.  You know, those snowy, cold, dreary months (at least up here in New England!) And then there is the matter of my front door. I feel an evergreen arrangement can stay on the door into January but then it gets to that point where it looks like you forgot to take down Christmas. I’m not ready to break out the floral wreaths yet, so that is when I turned to Pinterest to find inspiration for this Valentine’s Burlap Heart Wreath.