In the Kitchen with Hestan Cue: Apple Turnovers

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In the kitchen with Hestan Cue - Recipe Apple Turnovers - From the Family with LoveThank you to Hestan Cue for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

I always get super excited whenever I get to collaborate with a new company, especially one I have never heard of before.  When I get a new collaboration my husband usually tells me “good job Sunshine” and that’s about all he has to say on the matter. But enter Hestan Cue…when I started telling him all the features of this kitchen appliance his eyes lit up! Blue tooth enabled, smart technology, induction heating! He was instantly doing more research and within minutes I had the Hestan Cue app on my phone and a wealth of info about this state-of-the-art smart burner and fry pan. 


Let’s start with the app.  The app alone is like a brand new cookbook…and we all know how much I love new cookbooks! The recipes are organized by different categories: Main Ingredient, Season, Meal, etc. And there are a ton to choose from! Some that caught my eye were: Brioche Custard French Toast, Sweet Crepes, Honey Sesame Chicken, Citrus Carmel Sauce.  What’s that? Caramel sauce…yes, and as soon as I saw that I knew that if my new Hestan Cue could indeed make one of the in my opinion hardest things to make in the kitchen then I would be sold. 

In the kitchen with Hestan Cue - Recipe Apple Turnovers - caramel sauce - From the Family with Love

I had all the ingredients in my fridge except for the orange so figured I’d give it a try anyways. I’ve got to be honest, there was one time were the Hestan Cue was simmering away and I thought for sure it was going to burn! But nope! It yielded a perfectly caramelized, smooth, rich caramel sauce.  Perfect for drizzling over apple turnovers.

In the kitchen with Hestan Cue - Recipe Apple Turnovers - From the Family with Love
Next up was the Apple Cobbler Filling. The only work was prepping the ingredients…the Hestan Cue did the rest of the work! I made the recipe for 2 and divided amongst 4 squares of puff pastry. Folded each square into a triangle, crimped edges with a fork, brushed with egg whites mixed with milk and baked at 400 for 15 minutes.  Needless to say I have already made this recipe 3 times in the last week. 

In the kitchen with Hestan Cue - Recipe Apple Turnovers - From the Family with Love

Things I loved:

  • The app really does let you go at your own pace.  It leads you through the recipe step by step.  Sometimes a step takes a little longer (like peeling and dicing apples), but the app waits for you to complete the step and only goes to the next step when you click next.
  • The amount of recipes I actual loved or want to try! Sometimes with preprogrammed items they definitely cater towards a certain taste.  But with the Hestan Cue there really is something for everyone and every level of expertise.
  • The manual feature is really easy to use and is controlled 100% via the app. I perfectly toasted pecans for on top of ice cream with a simple slide of the finger. 
  • The response for temperature change is extremely fast! I almost felt like I was using a gas stove…if something was cooking too quickly I could turn the temp down under manual mode and almost instantly see a change in heat. 
  • Each recipes allows you to choose your serving size of 2 or 4. Perfect for making a recipe for a family meal or just for date night!

Things I would love to see improved (but won’t keep me from still loving and using this appliance):

  • From what I can see there is no option to favorite a recipe.  I was looking for a little heart or something so I could easily mark the recipes in the app that I wanted to eventually try.
  • The timer only works while the app is open. I was hoping that by turning off my phone the time would show in the lock screen. It’s not a big deal but even simply a notification that the timer is done in the Hestan Cue app would be useful. 

You can find the Hestan Cue at Use code familyfunoncue for $50 off your order!



With Love, Jennifer

I received a Hestan Cue in exchange for my honest opinion.