From the Closet: Favorite Outfit of the Week 1

From the Closet Week 1 From the Family With Love

It’s Friday (for a few more minutes anyways!) So what a better day to show you my favorite outfit from this past week! The weather has been so warm here in New England…like we are talking no coat weather (which also means that I can’t quite bring out my favorite mittens and hats. But I’m not complaining as harsh winter weather will be here soon enough!)


My Annual Christmas Cookie List: Gingerbread Deer

Gingerbread Deer Cookie Recipe From the Family with Love

Every year since I was a little girl my mom and I would write out our Christmas Cookie list.  I swear I get more excited writing my cookie list than I do my Christmas gift wish list!  Our list always has our traditional go to cookies: spritz, pecan tassies, frosted sugar cookies, Grandma’s pinwheels.  But a few years back (actually I think it was a lot more than a few years!) I received a Martha Stewart magazine with the most beautiful Gingerbread snowflake cookies! Well I just had to make them and the gingerbread was a hit! Fast forward a bunch of years to Pinterest where I spotted the most adorable Gingerbread Deer cookies! 


Living Life Through a 4″ Screen

Living Life through a 4 inch screen
On Saturday the coolest thing happened! My son got his first goal in soccer! And you know what? I have absolutely no digital documentation of the event whatsoever.  Was that my plan? Nope. Do I usually always have my iPhone in hand? Absolutely yes! But for some reason yesterday, while standing on the sidelines at my son’s second soccer game, I found myself without a cell phone or tablet in hand. I got to watch in real definition my son run the ball down the field and slam it right into that goal!


Let the Zucchini Eating Begin: Parmesan Thyme Zucchini Rounds

Recipe: Parmesan Thyme Zucchini Rounds (From the Family WIth Love)Well I ended up making a mistake in my garden.  Maybe it isn’t quite a “mistake” but moreso a miscalculation. Earlier this year when I was starting seeds I read somewhere that you should plan on planting double the zucchini plants then you think you need/want.  The reason being is that while zucchini is easy to grow it is also susceptible to diseases, bugs, worms, etc.