Pinterest Project! Spring Tulip Wreath diy

Spring Tulip Wreath diy  From the Family With Love

I finally got around to a project I’ve had pinned for years…a Spring Tulip Wreath diy! I’m so excited with how easy it was and honestly how quick it was to complete.  I friend of mine on Facebook recently completed her own wreath and that ended up being the final bit of inspiration I needed!


Irish Eyes are Sparkling: Sparkling Sugar Cookies

Sparkling chewy sugar cookies recipe From the Family With Love

St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and being a little Irish (I’m pretty sure I have some Irish mixed in with a bunch of other things) I need a way to celebrate so sugar cookies anyone? Ok, like I really need a reason to bake my boys sugar cookies. These sparkly gems are just perfect for St. Patricks Day! Plus you can change the sprinkle color to coordinate with any season or any event!CONTINUE READING

How to Make Maple Syrup: Gather Maple Tapping Supplies

How to Make Maple Syrup Gather Maple Tapping Supplies From the Family With Love 1It’s almost maple tapping time which means it’s time to gather all your maple tapping supplies! Actually we are late. We are very late as usually we have had trees tapped for at least a week by now.  But this New England weather has been down right brutal so we are behind. So what a better way to use this extra time then to make sure I have all my supplies in order!


Not Your Average Pie: Spinach Pie

Spinach Pie Recipe From the Family With Love PinterestWant to get your child to eat spinach? No seriously, I have yet to meet a child who won’t down this recipe! I mean I once had some extended family visit and these children were use to all fast food diets…and they cleared their plates! My husband who says he doesn’t like things with cheese….yup he downs it. My toddler (toddler, enough said)…also asks for seconds.  Growing up my mom would make this exact recipe and I honestly never remember pushing my plate away. My brother and I would both down it.  Hey, on the plus side, if your kids do hate it then more for you, right? ;-)CONTINUE READING

Shades of Pink: Swiss Meringues

Swiss Meringue Cookies Recipe From the Family WIth Love mainI love pink. Even being a wife and mommy to 2 boys (well 2 come May), I am girly girly girly.  Usually when I’m baking I’m decorating football cookies, using blue and green sprinkles, etc. But every once in a while mommy needs a girly treat. So after making my favorite homemade fettucine fresh pasta recipe which only calls for egg yolks I knew exactly what I’d make with the leftover egg whites: Swiss Meringues in the softest shade of pink.CONTINUE READING