Container Gardening: Planting Carrots in a Grow Tub (Container Garden Carrots)


 Planting Carrots in Grow Tubs From the Family WIth Love Container Garden

This past winter I ordered some grow tubs from Garden’s Alive to grow some container garden carrots. I was so excited today to finally get my carrots planted in one of them! I just love container gardening! Oh and to make it even better the seeds I got to plant were a free gift from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds with one of the orders I placed in early Spring. From my understanding Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds sends a free bonus packet of seeds with every order…how fun!


In the Garden: Growing Day-Neutral Seascape Strawberries

Growing Seascape Strawberries Day Neutral From the Family WIth Love
I’ve heard of Junebearing strawberries (which is the only thing my dad grows), I’ve heard of everbearing strawberries (in my opinion seedy and bland in flavor), but it was not until a few months ago I found out about day-neutral strawberries. More specifically Seascape Strawberries. Just the name alone made me want to do more research and to try these strawberries in my garden!CONTINUE READING

Pinterest Project! Spring Tulip Wreath diy

Spring Tulip Wreath diy  From the Family With Love

I finally got around to a project I’ve had pinned for years…a Spring Tulip Wreath diy! I’m so excited with how easy it was and honestly how quick it was to complete.  I friend of mine on Facebook recently completed her own wreath and that ended up being the final bit of inspiration I needed!


Irish Eyes are Sparkling: Sparkling Sugar Cookies

Sparkling chewy sugar cookies recipe From the Family With Love

St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and being a little Irish (I’m pretty sure I have some Irish mixed in with a bunch of other things) I need a way to celebrate so sugar cookies anyone? Ok, like I really need a reason to bake my boys sugar cookies. These sparkly gems are just perfect for St. Patricks Day! Plus you can change the sprinkle color to coordinate with any season or any event!CONTINUE READING