Snowed in with fresh baked bread: Bread Machine Buttermilk Honey Bread

Recipe Buttermilk Honey Bread (bread machine) From the Family With LoveThe very best snow storms here in New Hampshire are the ones the weathermen don’t predict a week in advanced.  You know, the ones that suddenly pop up out of no where. Weather report shows just a basic, cloudy winter week then all of the sudden some huge system forms and you know you are going to get slammed! Well that is exactly what we had this past Tuesday…and it was amazing!


Week 1 of LED grow light, plus quick tip! (video)

How to thin radish seedlings (video) From the Family With LoveWell I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this weeks results! As you remember, last week I planted spinach and radish seeds and planned on giving them light only from the LED grow light…no natural light for this “death expirement”! I’m really excited for you to see how well these are doing so far! I’m also including a video on how to thin radish seedlings which should come in handy whether growing indoors or out.


Growing Radishes & Spinach Indoors: LED 12W Grow light (video)

Experiment time!LED grow light experiment Radishes Spinach From the Family With Love

I love experimenting with growing new things. My husband calls them death experiments as when I first started experimenting everything seemed to die :). But I was determined enough to learn through my mistakes (and to utilize my daddy’s gardening knowledge) and have been pretty successful in my last few gardening seasons.


It’s a cookie sort of day (Recipe: Flourless Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies)

From the Family with Love Recipe Flourless Chewy Chocolate Chunk CookiesMy little man and I were sitting down for lunch when I asked him what he would like to do  this afternoon.  There is no doubt he is my child when his answer was BAKE! That’s my boy :) My husband is trying not to eat too much gluten in his diet which made Christmas very hard for him.  I was so proud of how few Christmas cookies he indulged in!  So I knew I had to try to make him a gluten free cookie recipe. CONTINUE READING