Welcome New Year! Let’s Eat! (Recipe: Parmesan Puff Bites)

Welcome 2015! 2014 was sure an interesting yeaRecipe: Parmesan Puff Bites From the Family With Lover…and a ton happened! Please oh please tell me 2015 will slow down a bit (ha! not when we are expecting baby #2 in May!) 

My immediate family all got together for our annual food and games and The Three Stooges New Years Eve celebration.  This year we were able to host in our new house. And it was such a wonderful time! Needless to say we had tons of food…which yielded lots of leftovers (this pregnant woman was eating happy for the next few days!) When my mom arrived I was just pulling my Parmesan Puff Bites out of the oven.  She was thrilled and told me that she almost made the same thing but ran out of time! 


Homegrown Tomatoes: Stove Top Roma Tomato Sauce

Our family loves pasta. Like we could eat it every night. We should have been born Italian (we have a lot of different nationalities in our blood but zero Italian!)

Last year, Daddy had a bumper crop of tomatoes. It was also his first year growing Roma and San Marzano tomatoes. He has always grown loads of tomatoes but usually just the beefsteaks…you know, the ones that are great for eating fresh but make a very runny sauce. Well I was finally able to get him to grow paste tomatoes this year he is planning on growing even more! Thankfully tomatoes freeze very well (see my previous post here). And frozen tomatoes make amazing Marinara Sauce!


Updated: Video Quick Tip: How to easily peel tomatoes

The other day I did a little bit of spring cleaning in my chest freezer. And boy did I hit the jackpot! I found all sorts of goodies from my dad's garden: blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and a large bag of Roma tomatoes. I never have time in the summer to make big batches of marinara sauce, so I freeze the Roma tomatoes to turn into sauce in the winter. After washing the tomatoes I just cut the stem end off and thrown them in gallon bags. That's it! No blanching or peeling. Because….