We Love Grandma’s Recipes: Pineapple Sauce for Easter Ham

Easter is right around the corner so I just had to share a family favorite recipe for Pineapple Sauce. This sauce is so easy to make and is perfect to smother over Easter ham. Plus, you know how ham can get cold pretty quickly? Well this recipe is served hot so it just warms your ham right back up.


Happy Pi Day (Recipe: Pie Crust)

I love trying a new recipe. I really do. Just recently I printed 4 different recipes for chocolate chip cookies. I plan on baking them all and see which one my family likes best. But there are some recipes that I just won’t mess with.

Take for instance my grandma’s flaky pie crust recipe. Old fashioned, made with shortning, nice and flaky…oh yes. This recipe even calls for a splash of vinegar (don’t worry! you won’t taste it!) which helps make the crust even more flaky!